LIRR – Digest, November 24, 2014

Hello friends who are concerned about turning the page together for a new relationship with indigenous peoples in Canada,

Please feel free to pass this digest onto anyone who might be interested.  I am willing to add people to my email list any time.

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Fall Issue of “Turning the Page Together”

First of all, let me tell you that the dates May 31- June 3, 2015 have been set for the activities in Ottawa to mark the end of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and delivering its Final Report, and the launch of the next stage of the hard work on the journey of reconciliation.  Think about attending, or planning complementary events in your region.  Read the lead article in the fall 2014 issue of “Turning the Page Together” – the newsletter of the Committee of Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools, and the Living into Right Relations network.  It is attached, or online: This issue also features articles on reconciliation in action: memorializing children who died in residential school, building a congregational reconciliation plan, advocating for justice in First Nations educational funding, and “pulling together” with six BC First Nations to protect the right to free, prior, and informed consent.

Residential school students in Labrador – class action law suit trial postponed

About 1000 students, mostly Inuit, Metis and Innu, who attended residential schools in Labrador, were not included in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, nor the 2008 federal apology, supposedly because the schools were opened before Labrador was part of a province within confederation in 1949.  The former students have launched a class action law suit against the federal government.  The Supreme Court trial did not proceed because the federal government have sought to include the Moravian Mission, The Grenfell Association,  and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador as parties to the law suit, and their lawyers were not ready to proceed.  The case involves schools in St. Anthony, Cartwright, North West River, Makkovik and Nain.  Read and hear more at:

Cities Must Listen to Aboriginal Voices

Infrastructure to educate policy-makers on urban Aboriginal concerns, hold public dialogue, and imbed  Aboriginal culture in urban life is long overdue.

I know of 6 cities who proclaimed that for a whole year they would intensify their efforts to seek reconciliation:  Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Wetaskiwin, and Red Deer.

Do you know of others?  Could you campaign to get your community to declare a “Year of Reconciliation”?

Thanks to Viola Thomas, Public Relations & Community Outreach coordinator with Reconciliation Canada for bringing this item to my attention.

In peace,
Cecile Fausak

Liaison Minister: Residential School
General Council Office: Committee on Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools

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