LIRR National Task Group Final Report

Hello friends,

This issue of the LIRR Digest is focussed on four new United Church publications.  In the Pentecost 2015 issue of Gathering, there is an article on “Acknowledging the Territory in Worship”  and it will be posted on line shortly as well (see attached).

 Also in the works is a 4-part on-line resource for the weeks May 31- June 21 to spiritually invigorate the journey of seeking right relations through reflection, pray, and worship, from the first day of the TRC Closing activities to National Aboriginal Day.

 Stay tuned to register for the first LIRR webinar (open to anyone) in early May on follow-up to the National Roundtable on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.  We are in the midst of confirming presenters.

 You are all inspiring many fruitful paths on the walk together.  Let us offer prayers to Edmonton folk who will be hosting an Education Day,  a Walk for Reconciliation and Round Dance on Friday, March 27 – the one year anniversary since they hosted the final national TRC event.


The LIRR Task Group provided leadership to the United Church for a five-year period as it continued to live out its apologies. This report summarizes programmatic work, resources, and networks to develop and nurture just and respectful relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.  Many of you will see yourselves in it!

The Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Justice Murray Sinclair, has invited the churches who are Parties to the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement to redress their history of devaluing and discrediting traditional Aboriginal spiritual practice by making statements of confession and affirmation. In a February 2015 statement to the TRC, the United Church acknowledges its complicity in the denigration of Aboriginal wisdom and spirituality, and offers the following statements from its recent history.   In doing so, the church recognizes with pain that this is a complex and sensitive issue for some within Aboriginal communities of faith who, as a result of our Christianizing work and the legacy of colonialism, are on a journey to restore harmony and spiritual balance.  To read the statement, go to

Read the online  version to learn about many exciting initiatives that are taking place across the country.  Feel free to make copies for your gatherings.  Thank you to all the contributing writers from London Conference, Toronto Conference, Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre and the Centre for Christians Studies.

In peace,

Cecile Fausak
Liaison Minister: Residential Schools
General Council Office: Committee on Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools
780-676-0562 (office cell) – not working for the past month
780-675-7753 (Athabasca, AB home office)



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