LIRR Digest, April 29, 2015

Hello friends,

Don’t forget to register for the webinar May 6 at 7 pm EST on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Take a look at how you can draw attention to the TRC now and beyond the closing events, and pray continuously for this pilgrimage of justice and peace.

If you are working with children to make ‘heart flowers’ to plant a ‘heart garden’ to remember the children who went to residential school, consider reading  a storybook like Shi-shi-etko (also as a youtube film), or Shin-chi’s Canoe, or Fatty Legs; or the storyFar From Home” in The Painted Trunk and Other Stories (history of UCC).

RESOURCES FOR WORSHIP, REFLECTION, AND PRAYER MAY 31 – JUNE 21 “Towards Truth and Reconciliation”
As the Truth and Reconciliation Commission holds its closing event and releases its Final Report and recommendations,  United Church congregations are encouraged to reflect, pray, and worship on the journey of reconciliation on four Sundays,  May 31 to June 21 (National Aboriginal Day).  Check this link for the 4-part resource:

You are especially encouraged to use the worship service prepared by KAIROS for May 31,  and the worship service prepared by the UCC for June 21.

Hold a Walk for Reconciliation on May 31
Plant a Heart Garden – see attached instructions
Gather to Watch live-streaming on June 2 and 3
Ring Bells at 12 noon on May 31
Plan a Reconciliation Service

KAIROS is making a May 31 map in order to record and display solidarity activities across the country on that day.  Register your May 31 activity  If it is an activity before or after May 31, please send the information to for their events listing.

If you work with social media, here are links to facebook and Twitter material to use for promotion of heart gardens.

Heart Garden’s banner for facebook

Heart Garden’s banner for Twitter

Square Heart Garden’s icon for social media

In peace,
Cecile Fausak
Liaison Minister: Residential Schools
General Council Office: Committee on Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools
780-676-0562 (office cell)
780-675-7753 (Athabasca, AB home office)



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