LIRR Digest – November 10, 2015

To all who are working towards nation-to-nation relationships;

The webinar “We are All Treaty People” with presenters Chief Wilton Littlechild and Past Moderator Bill Phipps, moderated by Sara Stratton, was well received on Sept. 29.  You can view the recording with the powerpoint here:

You will find all the links referred to in the webinar power point,  and a list of resources mentioned: treaty offices, books, films, etc.  here

The Simple Act of Acknowledgement
One of the simple actions you can take is to acknowledge the traditional territory of the peoples at the beginning your church gatherings today.  In such words, we ‘repudiate’ the Doctrine of Discovery and Terra Nullius which proclaimed that the land was ‘empty.’

In the November 2015 Infopac sent to every United Church congregation, there is a large poster on developing a statement Acknowledging Territory for your faith community.  Check it out.  This is a follow-up to the article online and in Gathering Pentecost 2015 issue on “Acknowledging Territory in Worship”

Miles Richardson, a BC Treaty Commissioner from Haida Nations, was the guest speaker at the UC Banff Men’s Conference in September on the theme “Living into Right Relations.”  Sharon Pasula, Edmonton Anglican Diocese Aboriginal Cultural and Educational Helper  reported that Miles “suggested that when people hear First Nation territories being acknowledged – and hear it frequently – it changes the paradigm, it changes the tone and relationship.”  See Sharon’s full article at:

To watch Miles Richardson’s closing plenary talk from the Banff Men’s Conference 2015, visit (with introduction by Wilson Bearhead from Nakoda Paul First Nation). He posits that ‘if we can fix our relationship with creation, we will go a long way to fixing the relationship with Indigenous Peoples.”

His other two conference talks are on youtube as well.

You may also be interested in the related webinar hosted on June 17, 2015 on “The Right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent” which can be viewed here:

In peace,
Cecile Fausak
Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice Animator
General Council Office: Committee on Indigenous Justice and Residential Schools
780-676-0562 (office cell)
780-675-7753 (Athabasca, AB home office)


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