Lenten series: Speaking from the Heart

Here is an opportunity you can use to start or further your reconciliation journey.  Join Dr. Patricia Vickers and Rev. Ray Aldred in the spirit of truth-telling and reconciliation using this free online series from United in Learning, sponsored by the M&S Fund.  Preachers, church lay leaders and educators are invited to:

  •  encounter the gospel through the ears and eyes of Indigenous peoples
  • value their own story and how it is intertwined with the gospel for the sake of healing from colonization

The sessions have been recorded; so consider accessing them for your ministry as we journey through Lent together.

Colonization and oppression are spiritual acts.   How do we open ourselves to the Creator’s transforming power in our relationships, and learn to live in the land a good way?

Our two Indigenous presenters believe that if the church wants to be on the journey of reconciliation, individuals must speak from the heart, and reflect on their own story and deal with the suffering and pain together. In this Lenten webinar series, they will take you on a ‘guided journey to your own heart.’

To check out this series go to:


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