LIRR: Respond Faithfully to the Trans Mountain Pipeline Decision

Since 2012, the United Church crest has included the Mohawk words Akwe Nia’Tetewá:neren, “All My Relations.”  These words capture a crucial principle for the church: that all of creation is connected, and that we have a responsibility to respect all with whom we share the earth—other people, other beings, the lands and the water.

Despite opposition from Indigenous leaders, environmental groups, and community advocates, the government approved the Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan) pipeline on November 29. In a letter to the church, Moderator Jordan Cantwell expressed her concerns about how the Trans Mountain pipeline will affect the government’s plans to cut greenhouse gases, as well as Canada’s implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Take Action today. Ask the Prime Minister how approving the Trans Mountain pipeline will fit with Canada’s commitments to emission reductions and reconciliation.


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