SK Conference president calls for end to Crown land auction

Saskatchewan Conference President Rev. Krystal Sheremata has written to Premier Brad Wall to express opposition to the provincial auction of Crown land.  Please see her letter here and share widely (PDF).

She notes, “A key issue is the lack of meaningful consultation with First Nations prior to the auctioning of public lands. Another is the failure to provide first right of refusal to First Nations with Treaty Land Entitlement.” Indeed, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations first learned about the auction on social media.

The All My Relations Network of SK Conference urges the people of the United Church in this province to prayerfully consider a response to the multitude of cuts, and the sale of public goods and Treaty lands, that are all contained in the March 2017 provincial budget. Of particular concern is the impact these cuts and selloffs will have on Indigenous, rural, and low-income communities.  Please see the Saskatchewan Conference’s statement and action on the budget cuts.

As people of faith, we carry obligations to our Indigenous neighbours.  As the President reminded Premier Wall, “The United Church of Canada has pledged, along with other churches, the federal government, and other levels of government, to enact the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report that are applicable to that particular organization or jurisdiction. The issue of preserving the remaining Crown Lands and fully involving the Indigenous people of the province in decisions that affect them is a clear opportunity for the Government of Saskatchewan to act in the spirit of reconciliation and  to honour its obligations under the Treaties and under the law.”


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